The Literacy Connection


     The Literacy Connection (TLC) is a teacher support group founded in 1982 by five teachers.  The membership includes teachers, administrators, parents, and others concerned with literacy education.  Each year TLC presents major speakers from the field of language arts, as well as additional meetings prepared by teachers who share their expertise in the uses of children’s literature, reading, writing, poetry, and assessment.

     Dues of $15 per year includes membership, two issues of The Literacy Connection Newsletter, a compilation of program announcements and educational articles.


Mission Statement

    The members of The Literacy Connection strive to build a community of scholar-teachers who support, share, publish, and disseminate professional information and engage cooperatively in workshops, curriculum development, evaluation and research activities.  We also seek to foster educationally sound practices among teachers, parents, policy makers, and others who are involved and interested in literacy matters.

Membership Info

Peggy Oxley, President

    St. Paul, Diocese of Columbus

    Teacher Grade 2

Franki Sibberson, Vice-President

    Indian Run Elementary School

    Dublin City Schools

    Teacher Grade 3

Kathleen Taps, Treasurer

    Language Arts Consultant

Stella Villalba, Newsletter Editor

    English Language Learning

    Teacher Leader

    Dublin City Schools

Carol Price, Ashland Adjunct Professor

    Lanuage Arts Consultant

Sharon Esswein, Program C0-Chair

    Language Arts

    Teacher Leader

    Hilliard City Schools

Karen Rawlins, Registration

    St. Paul, Diocese of Columbus

    Teacher Language Arts Grades 7 and 8

Program Board Members

Online Registration Available @

Click on the link to learn more about the booklet we have published, Reading and Writing: Where It All Begins: Helping Your Children At Home.
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